So Readers! What do you understand by looking at this picture? These beautifully painted backs of these people. Its their another face u see; it’s their other side; the unexplored untainted and wonderful Self. Often we see only the outer self of people; their looks, their personality ,their lifestyle ,their way of communication and … Continue reading JOURNEY TO THE UNTAINTED SELF

24 Years in Recovery

“At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask how you did it.” It takes a lion heart to walk alone and pave the path for others to walk on. The beginning of a journey often brings a lot of questions and doubt in one’s mind. Then, there are moments in a … Continue reading 24 Years in Recovery

Difficulties Of Staying Sober In Early Recovery

We have probably heard that staying sober in addiction recovery is difficult. And while it does definitely has its challenges, knowing what to expect and understanding how to overcome these difficulties before they happen can be the difference between success and failure. Things that Make it Tough to Stay Sober 1. Unrealistic expectations Upon leaving addiction … Continue reading Difficulties Of Staying Sober In Early Recovery