My Journey As An Addict

we live in a society where rehabs are not seen as a respectable place to be in and I too used to think this way. I were not too opinionated about it but I did think that rehab is a place for extreme drug addicts and criminal minded people, it was my assumption about rehabs.

My addiction started with alcohol about 10 years ago. I were young and passionate about thrill seeking and I found my thrill in consuming alcohol. The way it made me feel was new to me and I started drinking more and more until my body couldn’t handle anymore alcohol in my body.

Getting hungover became thrill to me and I even used to brag about my drinking habit as if I’d achieved something unique. Ah, how stupid I were! Well, I started as a social drinker back then and I never admitted that I’m an alcoholic. Few years later my drinking became a problem as it got out of my hands. Still I didn’t realize the depth of the issue that I were turning into a chronic alcoholic.

A couple of years later I was introduced to spirituality and it impacted me so much that I quit alcohol completely. I was then introduced to cannabis smoking and again it started as a thrill and later turned into an addiction.

This time the things got seriously out of my hands. My smoking became so severe that I lost around 10kg of body weight in one year. It also impacted my mental health as well. I got paranoid to an extent that I thought everybody is talking about me, which made me scared in social gatherings. Therefore I chose to remain isolated.

I could see my life going down the hill but I couldn’t take any decision for myself. I was so deep into isolation that I often thought of death as a final solution. Fortunately, my family took a decision on my behalf and got me admitted into a rehab for treatment.

Initially, I were a little hostile towards the environment and I didn’t accept the treatment. It took me a while to accept that I’m an addict and I needed treatment.

Living in a therapeutic community is a different experience altogether. It’s unlike any hostel, hospital or hotel. The residents themselves take care of all the departments in the house, such as kitchen, house cleaning, medical, supervision etc. The house is regulated with strict rules and regulations to maintain discipline.

Addiction treatment at a drug rehab helped me cope with marijuana withdrawal symptoms as well as address my addiction problem through various individual and group therapies.


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