Dealing with the struggles of life

Life is tough, really tough and you need to live with this fact. Problems will rise like waves in an ocean but you must remember that every problem is an opportunity to grow, to learn and to move on in life.

The life that you and I are living right now is the end result of the choices we have made in our lives. So forget about blaming someone else for the mess you have created in your life. Blaming will only create a barrier to your growth.

1. Let go of the anger

Unfulfilled desires are the root cause of the anger towards the self. Holding on to anger burns you like poison from within. Anger robs you of the ability to rationalize, to distinguish between right and wrong. When a person loses the ability to rationalize, he only invites destruction.

2. Work on your patience

when things aren’t going your way, the best thing to do is to lay back and be patient. There is no point in challenging what you can’t change rather focus on those aspects which can be controlled by you, where you can make an impact. We all know how difficult it is to delay gratification, we just want it right now. There is a voice of impatience in all of us which keeps growling to get everything done right now, which in reality is impossible but that little voice of impatience doesn’t understand any logic.

3. Fear of failure

when you attempt to do something, there can be only two outcomes. You either successfully complete the task or fail at it. Nevertheless, whether you fail or succeed, there is something to learn in it. There is room for improvement irrespective of the outcome. Some people are so fixated with the outcome that they do not realize the importance of the process itself. There is so much to learn and gain by making a mere attempt at a task. By thinking of failure we create a mental block which doesn’t allow us to keep an open mind towards the task. This preoccupation with the outcome ceases our productivity because the fear of failure clouds our judgment and doesn’t allow us to stretch our abilities. Therefore the focus should be at the task, not the result.

Fear of failure rises when you are unsure about your own abilities, your confidence is shaky and your palms are sweaty. The perfect recipe of failure. You fail even before you begin.
It takes years of practice to perfect a task for a few minutes of performance at the Olympics. There is no room for fear when years of hard work is on the line. Dump all your fears right now and move on.

4. Augmenting communication skills

An effective communication is not about blabbering. It’s about good listening and responding appropriately. There can be no communication as long as there is no listener. Careful listening is a vital part of an effective communication.

When you are down and out in your life, you seek support from friends and relatives. Support can be of any type, be it material or emotional. You cry about your problems and you create an atmosphere of disappointment which pushes our friends and relatives away from us because nobody wants to be with a cry baby.

During difficult times of life we become so obsessed with our problems that we carry them around wherever we go. We want to talk about our pain and sufferings so eagerly that we hardly pay any attention to the other person around. Key to a healthy relationship is good communication, where you carefully listen to the other person and suitably respond to them.

Relationships may not solve the problems of life but they provide an emotional support which makes it easier to endure the troubles of life.

There are times when you want to say something which is buried deep into your heart but there are no words in your vocabulary to express the feeling and you end up saying something that you never meant to say. Good communication skills will help you convey your message easily and you will notice your conversations becoming deeper and intellectual.

5. Addiction doesn’t solve problems

Many people find an escape through addiction during difficult times of life. The truth is that addiction doesn’t help in any way instead it makes it worse. You not only drain your financial resources and time but you also damage your health as well.

Addiction may seem like a temporary escape but it’s a high price to pay. An addict can never cope up with the struggles of life. He gets too accustomed to his lifestyle that he hardly finds any satisfaction in other modes of life.

6. Persistence is the key

Life will beat you down on your knees again and again but you have to be persistent and courageous enough to get back on your feet no matter how many times you get hit. Pain and suffering is a part of life, learn to endure the pain and move on in life. Do not seek comfort because there is no easy way out.

There’s a tribe in Africa majorly known for its hunting technique popularly known as Persistent hunting where a group of men chase their prey in scorching hear with a javelin in their hand as their weapon. They chase their prey until it gets exhausted and falls down due to hear. They hunt their prey when it’s down on the ground with no further energy left to run. The reason I shared this story was to show the limits of human being. The limits they can reach to by their sheer will.


3 thoughts on “Dealing with the struggles of life

  1. Your opening remarks sound like The Road Less Travelled. Pity no tells us life is difficult when we are young! I hope you continue to blog and help others. I still am reticent as far as self-disclosure goes but you never know how one sentence may help someone else, so best to write from expereince.


    • Hey Erik,
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views.
      You are indeed right, in school and college we were trained for a job but no one ever taught us about the complexities of life. No one ever told us how important it is to fight your inner fears and how to demolish those self-created barriers. I wish there was a school where they taught realities of life instead of making superficial personalities to work in multinational firms.

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  2. Hi shafahomeblog. Born in UK had problems but got through them retired now! Worked in The NHS for forty five years.Good luck with your blog.Thank you for wanting follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy and violent society! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Great to meet you. #TheFoureyedPoet.


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