Understanding the value of time

We often say and hear that “time is money” but not everybody realizes the importance of time in reality. Time once lost, can never be regained no matter how much you cry about it. Imagine time like a constantly flowing river where the water has passed, is not going to return back into the stream again. It will go on till it merges into the ocean. We are all travelling in this river of time. Everything is aging with time, nothing is beyond the reach of time. Therefore, the wise thing is to manage your time in the best way possible. Time management is a great skill to possess.

Making best use of 24 hours

We are bestowed with 24 hours in a day and how we choose to spend these 24 hours decides our present and future, joy and sorrow. One who learns to invest his time wisely gets to live a prosperous life.

One of the best ways to invest time is to develop a new skill, maybe it’s the time to pick up a new guitar and hit some chords. Pick a new book or spend time with your friends and family, work on strengthening your relationship with them.
Life goes down tumbling when you fail to invest your time productively. Every action of yours invites a consequence along with it. Whether you like it or not you have to face the consequences of your actions.

Time management as a skill

  • Time management is about prioritizing tasks ahead of time. You can make a to-do list and assign priority to your daily tasks.
  • Keeping track of the time while conducting your duties is necessary.
  • Tasks should be time bound in order to avoid delays. Not all tasks can be time bound but most of our tasks can be within time limit.

Valuing the time of others

We often take others for granted especially their time; which creates a wall between people and often becomes the root cause of spoiling relationships. Sometimes we hurt others emotionally when we fail to acknowledge their time and devotion.


2 thoughts on “Understanding the value of time

  1. Thank you ‘following’ me, because I have found you Shafa Home! Deeply moved by what I’ve seen on the Shafa website and here. I have a friend who’s son is in treatment now for heroin. He’s just 24. I am going to share your site with him. May God bless all that you do.


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