250 Days Sober

I still remember those times I used to wake up and lite a cigarette to start my day. My day progressed with more cigarettes and marijuana. Life seemed to be going nowhere as my full time job was smoking pot. I was stuck in a vicious loop which I couldn’t break on my own.  I was psychologically dependent of marijuana, I couldn’t perform my daily tasks without taking puffs of marijuana.

I reached a point where I thought I should quit smoking but I didn’t have enough will to go along with the decision. I failed to take any decision by myself, consequently, my family took a decision for me and got me admitted into a rehab for the treatment of my marijuana addiction. It was difficult for me to digest that I had become an addict and my addiction reached to an extent where others had to take decision on my behalf to save my life.

The treatment and counseling, here at Shafa, has helped me get out of addiction and taught me a few things which help me cope with this disease. I’m now sober and free from drug for last 250 days and I’m enjoying all those things which I missed out during my addiction period. I messed up my relationships with dear ones, all because I was too occupied with my addiction. I’ve lost so much and it pains when I look back at it, although I know regretting won’t help but sometimes it gets out of my hands and the feeling of regret pervades my heart.

A lot has changed in past 8 months, I’ve changed, my thought process has changed, my perceptions and goals have changed as well. I’m living a drug free life, I eat healthy and wake up early in the morning to carry on with my duties.

Sometimes, I feel like my life is going in reverse whereas those beside me have moved on in their life. When I ponder deep into my thoughts I realize that there is no one to blame except for me. I made those choices and now it’s time to face the consequences. Now, I’m too determined to lose myself again.

I don’t know where the life will take me from here but there is one thing I’m sure about, not to walk on that same path ever again. Drugs don’t make difficult situations easy rather they create indirect hurdles which obstruct our path later in life.


5 thoughts on “250 Days Sober

  1. Your message rings of truth, nonetheless i have walked in my addiction,
    95% of mylife…

    i’ve seen three years of sobriety,

    My addiction


    i also see that you dropped in for a read,



    • Hey Chris,
      Thanks for dropping by. Indeed it’s a challenge to stay in a healthy recovery. The thought of addiction keeps popping into head from time to time. What I’ve learnt throughout my treatment is not to entertain the thoughts of addiction. Well, I hope you stay in recovery.


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