Kicking Depression Out of Life

Depression is a malicious disorder which attacks your thought process and sucks the energy out of your vital force. Depression is a psychological disorder which many people are afraid of admitting. Research has shown that prolonged depression can lead to various psychological and physical health disorders.

Therefore, one must not be ashamed of talking about it because the treatment for depression can only begin after you acknowledge the existence of the disease, which is the first step of the treatment.

If you or your dear one is suffering from depression then the first step you should take is, talk to the concerned person. Don’t embarrass that person by criticizing him because that might turn him hostile towards you.

When a person is in depression he feels unwanted and isolated. So, you must initiate by providing him/her company and talk about something that he/she likes.

Well, that’s what a doctor would say as well. I’m not a doctor by profession but I do have a history of prolonged depression and overcoming with it.

How I Overcame Depression

I started an event management company about 10 years ago with a couple of my friends but it didn’t go too well and I ended with a debt in my hand with no source of income. I borrowed some money from a cousin to pay off my losses.

I was so disappointed with my decisions that I couldn’t sleep many nights. Having no source of income and a debt in hand put me into into stress. I would have lost my sanity had my loved ones not been there to support me in those tough times.

A couple of years later my long term relationship ended and this time I couldn’t cope up with it and a feeling of severe despondency and dejection pervaded my heart and mind. There were times when I would just lay down and cry in agony I felt as if my world had ended and I were hopeless about finding happiness in life ever again. Once again my family came to rescue me out of that emotional turmoil.

Maybe that was the reason I never took any wrong step. That little push and concern was enough for me to realize where I were going with my life. Then, I decided to change my life for my own betterment, I didn’t want to see myself as a cry baby. Whereof, I decided to do something about it.

I picked up a few self-help books and  started following some good bloggers such as Steve Pavlina, James Altucher, Darren Rowse etc. I also started reading about Buddhism which helped me a lot to calm my thoughts and I also started practicing meditation which literally changed my life.

You only lose what you cling to”. – Buddha

Stress, anxiety and depression are an alien thing to me. Now, I don’t get panicked for minor incidents, I don’t get mad after things that I cannot control rather I focus mainly on what I can control at my end.

I feel optimistic towards life and there is no situation in life which cannot be handled. It’s all about the perspective, the way we look at things. We live in two realms, one is the world of matter, the physical world and the other one is the subtler one, the world of thoughts.

Our reach in the physical world is very limited, there is no much we can do about it but when it comes to controlling thoughts, we can change it completely. By changing our perception we can transform our life completely. All it requires is inner strength, patience and determination to change your own life. Nobody can help you as long as you don’t help yourself.

I believe if I can do it , then anybody can do it. Nothing is constant in life, it changes from time to time, sorrows and joys are part of life. I learnt to detach myself from the happenings of the outside world by practicing meditation, it doesn’t mean that I’m completely immune to it but it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to in past.

I’ve learnt to let go of things which are beyond my reach. I learnt to manage my anger, and now, I don’t burst out in frustration, I hold myself down as long as I can without keeping any grudges or resentment in heart.

I feel in touch with my inner self. I feel a state of bliss which I never felt before in life. I feel a sense of contentment, not wanting anything beyond bare necessities of life. Life seems meaningful now, beyond materialistic goals of life.


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