Do you need a rehab for your Drug Addiction?

If your dear one is having trouble with drug addiction then it’s time to think over and get him/her admitted into a drug rehab. Though, you may have doubts regarding the need to go to a rehab.

If you think your dependency on your substance is growing and you need your drug or alcohol to start off your day then probably you need to go to a rehab.

If drug or alcohol has become a priority in your life and you can’t perform your tasks properly without your substance then you are in an addiction and you must seek professional help and get yourself admitted into a rehab for a treatment.

Effects on Job, Family and Friends

If your job is getting affected due to your using then it’s a sign you should seek professional help. If your substance abuse is causing you to dissociate from your family and friends then it’s a chance that you need help.

Families are gravely affected by a drug abusing member of family. Domestic violence is common under such circumstances. It becomes necessary to pull out an addict from his environment and put him into a new one, isolating him from his substance.

An addict during his using period realizes the gravity of his condition and often may have tried to quit his addiction but failed to sustain that recovery due to lack of inner strength and motivation. In a rehab he gets to learn the methods and tools that will help him stay in recovery. Away from his addiction he will get enough time to contemplate on his problems and find suitable solutions to transform his life for good.

Acceptance of an Addiction

The first step towards recovery and sobriety is acknowledging the existence of the problem i.e. addiction. Unless you realize yourself that there is something wrong in your life there can be no room for improvement. Treatment starts when you accept the existence of the problem.

After the acceptance of an addiction your mind opens up to new ideas and information which will help you stay in a healthy recovery.

Here at Shafa Home

We provide treatment and rehabilitation for drug addiction related problems. It’s a residential treatment where an addict spends one year away from any form of drug. We provide counselings to our residents and psychologically prepare them to fight against substance abuse. We also work on the other aspects of his personality such as Physical, Social and Spiritual. We equip him with the necessary tools to stay in recovery.


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