Fruits of Recovery

During active addiction period my perception towards life had become very narrow. My life revolved around my substance, which was my only source of pleasure. I had no concern whatsoever towards my family and friends.

I could not stick to my goals as it was not in my priority list. My priority was my addiction throughout the day, consequently, I paid the price for it. I lost relationships, money, job, career and time due to my addiction. I was stuck in a vicious circle of addiction which I couldn’t break, eventually I lost control of my life.

New Goals and Aspirations

Now, I’ve been in recovery for about 9 months and I can see my life settling down a bit. As the mist of addiction is fading and path to recovery is manifesting, and slowly but steadily everything is getting into order. I can see the trust rebuilding and hopes shining. I feel differently, I think differently and my awareness has increased far beyond my personal interests. I won’t say that everything has been compensated, the damage was too much to recuperate in such a short period of time, but so far things are looking promising for the future. I’m determined to stay in recovery to recover dreams, hopes and aspirations which were lost during addiction.

Maintaining Recovery

Recovery is a continues path, not a destination that you once reach and get comfortable thereafter. You have to fight addiction everyday of your life, it’s a continues battle.

I constantly remain in touch with my counselors and seek their advice whenever I’m down and out. Their advice comes in handy as they speak from their personal experience, having a background of an addict they understand the views and challenges faced during recovery.

Apparently, my life is undergoing a massive change right now, moreover, these are the early day of recovery and I want to tackle one thing at a time. I don’t want to create a clutter by putting my hands on everything in an excitement. I’ve recovered physically, psychologically and emotionally but there are other aspects too (financial, spiritual, social etc.) which needs to be taken care of as well.

“Life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

                                                                                                           – Jim Rohn

Joy in Life

I find life to be more joyful and content in sobriety which seemed next to impossible during addiction. I enjoy the minute moments of laughter every once in a while without any desire for mood altering substance. Life is to be lived the way it’s meant to be without any substance to alter the consciousness. The challenges of life are to be faced head on without using any escape route through drugs or alcohol.

Fighting Challenges

Drugs may offer a temporary escape but they won’t provide any solution to the existing problems of life. To overcome these problems one has to be fully aware of the situation surrounding them and look for best possible solutions. Challenges make you strong and prepares you for the future events of life. If you succumb now then there won’t remain any future to fight the battles of life.


I feel a sense of responsibility towards myself which was absent for a long period of time since addiction. I was not only unconcerned towards my family and friends but toward my own being as well. It feels good when I look at myself in the mirror. I feel content with what I have and at the same time I feel passionate about pursuing my goals and ideas.


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