Treatment at Shafa

I had no idea how things go around in a drug treatment center. What do people do in a rehab to spend their time? I was clueless about it. I thought addicts are given some kind of medication to keep them away from drug/alcohol. It was my assumption, however, I had never pondered over it much. Well, I got into a rehab for my marijuana addiction treatment and I quit the treatment midway thinking I’m in control of my addiction.

It took me only a month to relapse and I got back to consuming marijuana once again, though it was not regular as earlier. I didn’t want to go back to the ditch of my addiction but I was unable to take any decision for myself, consequently, my parents took a decision on my behalf and got me back to Shafa Home for addiction treatment.

This time I was a little positive in regards to the treatment and I wanted to take this opportunity to change my life for my own betterment. I no more wanted the tag of an addict. I was fed up with my addiction problem and I wanted to change the course of my life. I had lost the purpose of life, dreams and aspirations.

Here at Shafa, I got to learn the ways to handle my marijuana addiction problem, moreover it provided me an environment where I could stay away from my substance and stay in a recovery. It’s been 9 months of sobriety and I feel confident about myself. It took me some time to realize the importance of recovery in my life but eventually I understood that drug/alcohol is not a solution to the problems of life. Problems are to be dealt with, not to be escaped.

At Shafa I discussed my problems with counsellors and they helped me with their advice throughout the treatment. I had spent ample time in isolation that I almost lost the ability to socialize that it made me feel uncomfortable in social gatherings. I’ve been staying with 70-80 residents at Shafa Home and get to socialize with them regularly which helped me recuperate from isolation. We eat together, attend session together, cook food for the family and also share our feelings with each other in family gatherings.

Treatment is not confined to the boundaries of Shafa. I often get the opportunity to go out for leisure activities as a privilege to free the mind every once in a while. I also got to celebrate Christmas, Diwali, New Year and my biological birthday with all the residents of Shafa without any influence of a drug.

I’m in the final stage of my treatment where I’m getting the opportunity to work as a volunteer for the organization. It makes me proud that I’m adding value to this esteemed organization. I handle the media department of Shafa along with the media head Mr. Neelabh.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful journey to recovery so far. I aim to maintain the recovery when the treatment ends. I know it would be a little challenging in the beginning to maintain the recovery outside the rehab, to curb the urge to avoid substance abuse. Anyway, what’s life without challenges? Right!


4 thoughts on “Treatment at Shafa

    • Thank you!
      The program at Shafa is not unique but our approach towards the treatment is exclusive. We really intend to help others by changing their life and turning them away from drug/alcohol dependence.
      It makes me proud to be associated with Shafa.


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