Recovery A Commitment

I have been in this treatment for a long time. I have experienced many ups and downs that have taught me to be tough with my decision making. Many patients like me first experience symptoms of a mood disorder and attempt to use drugs and alcohol to “medicate” those symptoms.

Because the symptoms of depression or anger or mood swings associated with bipolar disorder are uncomfortable, patients may attempt to drink to change their mood or in an attempt simply to feel better. So the day I left for home for the very first time after completion of my treatment this was my day to start begins my journey to rehabilitate.

So the actual test of treatment starts when you reach your home and learn to cope with this cruel world which had no sympathy towards you when you were suffering from addiction and no relation with you now even when you are in recovery. Now you have to learn how to get out of this situation which you made for yourself and also the pain and suffering in life. Gradually you would learn to fight this world through the steps you have learned in treatment.

One should never forget ones past experiences good or bad both of them because they become handy for you to fight the evil called addiction. A Nasha Mukti Kendra like the one I took treatment from called Shafa Home  makes changes in your behaviors because it is due to your behaviors you have got in to addiction and these are the only reasons for your life’s suffering . However rehabilitation is in your hands to get back to the society where we were in our lives before.

This is the place where we belong and this is the place  we have to live and make our lives more beautiful and healthy as it was before I got into addiction and now is the time I can enjoy the fruits of recovery and live our lives to the fullest and enjoy all the things I missed during my addiction and the things I was not doing when I was deeply engrossed into addiction.

After addressing your immediate problems with addiction and starting treatment, you’ll still have to face the problems that led to your drug abuse. Did you start using to numb painful emotions, calm yourself after an argument, unwind after a bad day, or forget about your problems? Once you’re sober, the negative feelings that you dampened with drugs will resurface. For treatment to be successful, you’ll first need to resolve your underlying issues.

Once you have resolved your underlying issues, you will, at times, continue to experience stress, loneliness, frustration, anger, shame, anxiety, and hopelessness. These emotions are part of life. Finding ways to address these feelings as they arise is an essential component to your treatment and recovery.

The important thing to remember is that relapse doesn’t mean treatment failure. Don’t give up. Call your counselor, talk to your therapist, go to a meeting or schedule an appointment with your doctor. When you’re sober again and out of danger, look at what triggered the relapse, what went wrong and what you could have done differently. You can choose to get back on the path to recovery and use the experience to strengthen your commitment.




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