What A Wonderful World

I wonder if I have thanked my family enough for bringing me into this wonderful world. Though I feel and enjoy nature as it is so pristine and involuntary that one dreads of losing sight of them. As a human being I have a purpose of existence, it doesn’t matter by what name they may call you. One day I will have to leave all these things behind and go. The fear makes us cling on to the materialistic things. These materialistic things vanish like sand running out of your hand when you try to grasp it firmly.

We are unable to control even the winking of eyes that captures the innumerable images around us. Wow, how mighty are the forces that run nature and we call it almighty. I am not an atheist, I love my family, believe in Religion and cultures etc.

My mind defies scientific parameters when I try to grade the scope of imagination. Yes colors and fragrance define beauty and the enigma of the creator of how minutely he has designed and given life to it. I breathlessly watch the spectacular show of nature’s beauty.

Many people take our world for granted. They live everyday without looking around and appreciating the beautiful sceneries of nature; sunrise, sunset, rainbows and snow mountain tops. One might ask: what is the advantage of indulging in natural sceneries when people could make better use of the same time to do something more practical, such as make money? It is obvious that our beautiful world doesn’t make people rich by appreciating it. But God did not create the world for us to pursue wealth in it.

God wittingly created all living beings. He created the world to impress us of his awesome creativity. There are reasons behind all his creations. His creation of the world is meant to heal and revitalize us. When we are tired after a long day of work, we might find relaxation for body, mind, and soul by listening to the ocean tides and feeling the wind on a beach. When we feel depressed, we might be refreshed by observing how a thunderstorm eventually ends and adds a colorful rainbow to the sky turning the dusky earth into a beautiful world once again, reminding us that troubles are only temporary.

If you look at a caterpillar closely, you will find that it is a just an ugly creature crawling on the branches of a tree. We find it slowly transforming into a spectacular new creature – a beautiful butterfly, freely moving around joyfully, floating above. It emerges as one of the beautiful creatures that add a unique feature to our beautiful world, much like a painter who adds colors to his portray to tun it into a beautiful masterpiece.

We live in a breathtaking habitat that is full of magic and wonder. Although at times we may feel intense sadness but profound happiness can be just around the corner. One step away. One thought away. One kiss away. Sources of joy are literally everywhere; one just has to overlook all of the negative things trying to cover them up.

If today is not a good day,  close your eyes for one minute and then open them look for beauty, complexity, awesomeness that is this Universe. Forget the ugliness, the adversity, the vacuous nature that so many impose upon the world around them for those details are not worth paying attention to, nor remembering.

What good do negative thoughts and actions serve? They only hurt, cramp and suppress positivity. It is only with optimism, altruism, and compassion, that can cure this world of its ills. Judgment, hatred, egotism, bitterness, and despair only bring more evil into the world. Even a very small amount of a good can exponentially spread.

Every single human being is completely different with their own flaws, skills, experiences, secrets, and dreams. Every person has a story so interesting that it could never be told completely in a film, book or conversation. People are not complete ignorant, pretty, selfish, happy or conservative. Every person is a unique being shaped by the infinite amount of variables that our earth-bound existence offer us. The Earth is a museum, and we all are art within. Study the art regardless of its shape, color or texture, and you will gain a greater understanding of the museum.

Life is what you make out of it. Life is perception: sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch. Reality depends upon the intensity and angle with which light hits our eyes. Reality sounds only because of the way our brains decipher the vibrations of the air around us. That same air is only felt because of the stimulation of our nerve endings and the subsequent signals to our brains.

We are only told what is around us; it is our job actually to interpret that information. A “negative” sensory input can be a source of anguish, or simply an inspiration to change everything and attract more positive inputs. It is up to you, and you alone. No one thing or one person can decide or influence how you feel. That is completely up to you. Decide to be happy about life, and you will remain that way. It is your perception, so why not make it a positive one?


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