Finding Happiness

I often wonder, what happiness is. Is it just a burst of chemicals inside brain or more than that? Why do we seek happiness? What is it that motivates us to work hard to achieve our goals? Does mere fulfillment of a goal provide long lasting happiness?

As a matter of fact we all seek happiness in different modes of life. No sane mind would desire sorrow and pain.

In case of an addict, he/she seeks pleasure and joy in substance abuse. All other modes of life which may provide happiness become less appealing to an addict. An ordinary person shares his feelings and joy with others, whereas, an addict withdraws himself from social groups and remains isolated which fills his mind with negative thoughts, delusion and paranoia.

During my addiction period happiness seemed like a far-fetched dream. I had created a mental boundary where I didn’t allow anybody to enter in and I became hostile whenever anybody would try to trespass those boundaries. My happiness was restricted to my substance, everything else seemed mundane and irrelevant.

Anyhow, I was keen to change my life, I wanted to add joy to life. I had had enough of negativity surrounding my thoughts, I had a strong desire to move on in life from the grudges of the past. The moment I accepted my past the way it is, I had an epiphany that my happiness doesn’t depend upon anybody.

When I look deep into myself I always find happiness there within, you only need to eliminate the clouds of remorse. At times it becomes difficult to fight challenges that life may bring to us and one may find himself stranded but it’s important to realize that everything changes with time like seasons come and go.

“Happiness doesn’t come from what I get, but from what I let go of.”

– Anonymous

Happiness doesn’t come from the possessions you have. Had that been the case then wealthy people would have never committed suicide. Happiness comes from within when there is contentment and purity in heart.

Desires don’t stop rising, they keep growing in number day by day. Fulfilling one desire paves the way for another. Fulfilling desires doesn’t bring lasting happiness though it might bring some momentary joy.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”  

– Mahatma Gandhi

Life is much more diverse than extracting joy by accumulating materialistic goods. There is a spiritual aspect to the life as well which needs to be taken care of. This spiritual aspect of life defines our relationship with the self. There is no better way to understand yourself than by contemplating over yourself. Reflecting over your actions and thoughts and keeping them in check.

Happiness is not a destination, it’s a continues journey. Happiness is to be extracted from life, happiness doesn’t come easy. One has to make sacrifices to add a tinge of happiness in life.


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