Finding Excuses

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.”

We all seek excuses to escape from an uncomfortable situation and to remain in our comfort zone. It takes extra effort, a push to move out of comfort zone. We find rational and logical reasons to justify an arguable behavior.


We often procrastinate our tasks out of our laziness. We find illogical reasons to delay tasks unnecessarily. People find pleasure in laziness, a protective mechanism allowing them to avoid additional work.

Lack of interest/desire

It is our desire that motivates us to initiate our actions. Without any interest or desire we would hardly make an effort to initiate an action. In such a case, a person would most probably avoid a task which doesn’t land in his area of interest.


A person finds an escape in a seemingly unpleasant situation. Our first response is never to fight the situation but to escape from it. People don’t want to indulge in situations which pulls them out of their comfort zone, consequently, they make excuses to take a detour from the set of circumstances.


An addict finds an easy way out through his addiction to the problems of life. Instead of facing those challenges, an addict finds excuses to satisfy his impulses through addiction. When in sorrow, an addict finds an escape through his addiction as it’s his only source of pleasure. When in a happy mood, an addict finds another excuse for his addiction.

Fear of making mistakes

Fear is a powerful motivator but it is a negative one. Our fears restrict us to take a stride forward. Due to fear of committing a mistake people usually find an excuse to stay away from certain tasks.

These were some of the common reasons we find excuses for. We procrastinate for no logical reason whatsoever. We neglect certain tasks out of our own weaknesses and incompetence, which slowly turns into a habit. We ought to give up this habit of escaping.

A certain degree of introspection is required to diagnose the aforementioned problem. An intrinsic motivation is needed in order to overcome this habit. Your whole perception needs to change to become active by engaging in tasks which we used to neglect in past.



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