Bike trip to Rajasthan

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Travelling to new places, meeting people and exploring cultures is a part of the journey. Every traveler has a story to tell in his own way, in his own words. India is such a vast and diverse country that there is so much to learn and explore in every nook of its life.

At Shafa we understand the role of travelling in our life. Travelling is a part of our unique treatment modality plan where our residents get to experience the joy of travelling in sobriety. Whereas in past they needed their addiction to enjoy those aspects of life, here, they were seen relishing every moment of the journey away from substance abuse.

Day 1: We left Shafa Home, Delhi, early morning at 7, on our motor bikes. Throttling our way across the busy roads of the Delhi we hit the national highway in no time and as the sun was rising high in sky we were dashing our way to Pushkar, Rajasthan.

We reached Pushkar in the evening and took accommodation in a Dharamshala. We were all tired after a 500Km bike ride but the tiredness didn’t wash away our enthusiasm to explore the city. We took a stroll to the Holy Pushkar lake and wandered on the streets of Pushkar at night. It was really heartwarming to roam on the streets of Pushkar where we got to explore the local market and its cuisine.

Next day we got up early in the morning and visited a local café restaurant where we had our breakfast. Right after the breakfast we left to Ajmer on our bikes. We visited Anasagar Lake in Ajmer where we went to a tiny island in the middle of the lake through a motorboat. We celebrated Shivam’s birthday (one of our residents) on that island and I’m sure it will remain one of his fond memories for a long time. After all, not everybody gets to cut a cake on an island.

Later, we went to Ajmer Sharif, a mosque, where we got in touch with our devotional aspect. We concluded the day with an authentic Rajasthani dinner at a vegetarian restaurant.

We decided to push our wake up time for the next morning and we woke up all fresh and exited for our trip to Jaipur. We had Parathas and tea for breakfast.

We got on our bikes and cruised our way to Jaipur. We reached the city at around 4pm in the evening and booked movie tickets for an evening show. We watched the movie “Badri ki Dulhaniya” and had pizza for dinner.

Next morning we left to Delhi on our bikes and reached Shafa Home at around 6pm in the evening. We were all covered in dust and extremely tired due to the long bike ride but in the end it all seemed worth it. We don’t get to take a bike trip everyday, it’s a rare opportunity that a bike fanatic should never miss.


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