24 Years in Recovery

At first they will ask why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask how you did it.

It takes a lion heart to walk alone and pave the path for others to walk on. The beginning of a journey often brings a lot of questions and doubt in one’s mind. Then, there are moments in a journey where the journey itself may seem mundane and meaningless and one might think of drawing back. There are numerous ups and downs which one has to go through before the journey starts making any sense.

Such has been the journey of recovery of SHAFA HOME’S CEO Mr. Ranjan Dhar. On April 20th, 2017 Ranjan Ji completed 24 years in recovery. This moment was celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by all the residents of SHAFA. It was an occasion of celebration not just because he is our CEO but a leader and a mentor who has lead everyone with an example. In today’s society it’s hard to find people who can match their actions with their words and probably that’s the reason such people fail to gain any authority. On the contrary, Ranjan Ji is a man who walks the talk, he will seldom speak anything which he cannot do and there is hardly anything impossible for a man of such exuberance and grit.

Kudos to his strength and leadership. We hope that he keeps inspiring us the way he has done for last 24 years. Hopefully, we will have a massive celebration next year on completion of his 25 years in recovery.


3 thoughts on “24 Years in Recovery

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