Shafa_Untainte_SelfSo Readers! What do you understand by looking at this picture? These beautifully painted backs of these people. Its their another face u see; it’s their other side; the unexplored untainted and wonderful Self. Often we see only the outer self of people; their looks, their personality ,their lifestyle ,their way of communication and their inner self gets unattended.  We don’t see the other side which is pure Self of the person, that which requires no communication and no masks. We all seek ourselves in various ways like travelling, visiting someone close to our heart, worshipping a particular God et al, and this way we explore our soul, our ultimate truth.

This pretty picture is giving us a clue about how this world has two sides – the one that is hidden and the other that is to show to the world. Each picture is giving a different thought about our small round globe called world. How interesting it is to know ourselves and be free of the worldly thoughts for a few moments. People change, masks get removed and their real self emerges. How liberating this feeling is   !!!

Masks are meant for removing. So if I say that I wear a mask for the outside world,then I must mention that it would be removed too but that requires certain conditions and certain ambience. Like we are true to our own self in everything that we do and when it comes to dealing with other people, we suddenly change and wear a mask. This needs to be checked and we shall meet people with the same pure innocence that we have with our own self and then see how world becomes a beautiful place to live in.

How friends live together happily and how they keep two faces. One for their friend, another for the outside world. Their face tells something and their heart and soul tell a different story. Never mind! It’s all about living life the way we want and taking care that no one gets hurt by our actions and thoughts. We become more mindful of our behavior and keep a check on actions. We love all and connect with people in a healthier way than earlier.

Connecting to self isn’t really a task. It’s the simplest thing to do. Do what you feel. Go for long walks, exercise, laugh when you can, read your favorite books,listen to soul-stirring music, do yoga, meditate and love everyone, don’t be judgmental and you see how your life changes towards positive perspective. It’s my personal experience, readers.


By our budding author Aditi



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