Shafa is an urdu word, which means power of healing. Infact a holistic concept of healing that includes both the body and the soul. Based on the oldest and most effective model of healing, SHAFA HOME acts as harbinger of hope, self-realization and true happiness for its residents. For hundreds of recovering drug dependents at SHAFA HOME, well-researched methods of healing provide a very sensitive and effective support system to integrate them back into the mainstream of society.

Treatment methods followed at Shafa go one step ahead of the traditional methods. Along with physical well being, emphasis is laid on the psychological and spiritual recovery of the residents. Most importantly Shafa Home is a home away from home that assists the residents in regaining their self-esteem and self-worth. Volunteers who have already undergone successful treatment form the zealous team of dedicated staff that helps people like them to regain their lost hope and joy back in their lives.


Healing the feeling’ by ‘Feeling the healing

Creating an enabling environment for masses, especially those affected by psychotic disorders, behavioral problems, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse. Holistically viewing their social problems, offering services for education and spreading awareness along with teaching healthy alternatives for realizing full human potential towards becoming productive member of the society.