Facts Vs. Myths

“Do You Know ?”

There are so many myths associated with addiction.

!!Know The Truth !!

  • Medical Treatment of addiction, comprises of only 10% of the total treatment.
  • In reality any successful treatment should cover all the four parts of the disease namely : Medico-Psychological-Social and Spiritual.
  • But all major treatment centers all over the country only provide medical treatment because it is a short-term programme which can be completed in few months only and which everyone prefers. But the total outcome is very high “Relapse” rate which is as high as 90%.
  • All holistic treatments need to address to all the four parts of the disease and can only be completed in a long term and residential programme. Total outcome is very high “Recovery” rate which is as high as 80%.
  • Addiction is a disease. Disease of unacceptable behaviors. Disease of minimal life-skills and it is a family disease too.
  • The goal of any successful treatment should not only be how to create a wall in between the addict and his addiction but to impart life skills training, behavior modification, anger management, his journey from unacceptable behaviors to acceptable behaviors.
  • Treatment cannot be completed in isolation, it has to be a group therapy. We need to understand the “Triangle”. Addict, his family and Shafa comprise the three sides of a triangle.


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