Recovery A Commitment

I have been in this treatment for a long time. I have experienced many ups and downs that have taught me to be tough with my decision making. Many patients like me first experience symptoms of a mood disorder and attempt to use drugs and alcohol to “medicate” those symptoms. Because the symptoms of depression … Continue reading Recovery A Commitment


Positive Attitude In Recovery

All those feelings that you had kept masked underneath drugs or alcohol will come flooding to the surface. Especially for the first few months in recovery your feelings will be intensified, and it can often be scary. But the best thing to do is acknowledge them – and then let them go by engaging in … Continue reading Positive Attitude In Recovery

Kicking Depression Out of Life

Depression is a malicious disorder which attacks your thought process and sucks the energy out of your vital force. Depression is a psychological disorder which many people are afraid of admitting. Research has shown that prolonged depression can lead to various psychological and physical health disorders. Therefore, one must not be ashamed of talking about … Continue reading Kicking Depression Out of Life